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Spent the weekend with my friends at Sterling campground 


Fished Blind Sodus bay mostly . Got some real nice Smallmouth and a few good Largemouths  with a few of each to 20" 


First light bite was best with jigs and a small Crankbait doing the best . But it was a tough bite . 


Absolutely crazy what the high water did to that place . Busted the bay wide open . Apparently the army Corp is going to repair it . I hope they do . 

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Haven't fished Blind Sodus in a year or so, I never really had a great time back there just a few largemouth here and there but I would have figured with it breaking open the way it did, it actually would help out the water quality a lot. Mid to end of summer back there used to just be kinda nasty brownish water. Once it breached it flushed it out a whole lot. Not saying it's a good thing though just saying it definitely changed a lot after that. 

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