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Targeting Summer Browns

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The rule of thumb for Summer Browns is to find where 60 degrees meets the bottom of the lake and start fishing in that depth and slowly work out. Keep smaller spoons (stinger standard, dreamweaver SS) on riggers near the bottom and hunt

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find where 54 meets bottom and work in to 65 degree water meets bottom and back out  is what works for us , riggers tight to bottom with stingers , ss , moonshine standard size with a cheated spoon above them , slide divers set at 65 degrees with same spoons but I seem to like stingray size better for better size , and copper or core down the chute with a mag spoon to pick up occational mature king or big kicker brown ... also whatever is ur hot ff rig or meat rig for kings put that on the copper or core will produce big browns but only on certain days it seems

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I use 62 degrees intersecting the bottom and troll zig zagging inside and outside of that intersection.  Finding structure is another key to successful brown fishing.  Smaller spoons in black and silver, black silvers with glows, and froggy pattern spoons.  Somedays they will be warmer or colder if bait is around.  Riggers, leadcores, divers and coppers all excel brown fishing if you present them properly.  Cheaters on riggers account of a lot of browns most days.  Speed is critical most days.  I like 1.6-2.3 for browns depending on their mood.  Here are some of my favorite brown spoons:




Gator UV


Tuxedo UV

Green Glow alewife

Green Glow alewife UV

Purple Glow Alewife



Carbon 14

Green Jeans


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