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My Bro and I headed out of the Genesee Sunday around 4pm.  Headed north west to Braddocks between 350-400 feet.  Surface temp was 72.  When we stopped and started to set up we saw bait swimming all around the boat.  That was the first time that has ever happened to me, pretty awesome sight.  Anyway, we worked two long lines copper and lead on boards, two dispels and two riggers  40,50,60,70,80 feet.  All spoons. Trolled for one hours with nothing hitting.  Pulled the lines, took a dip which was fantastic and headed into 260 ft.  set up and and once we hit 240ft (80 down) the dipsey fired.  Then we lost one on the copper.  The rigger popped and things got exciting.  We ended up 5/8 with two nice kings.  The blue spoons were the hottest.  Stayed later than I normally do because of the action and being that far out, had the lights on coming back in.  Great night and it was so nice to see salmon in the net.  Its been slow for me in June other than lakers so it was needed.  As always thank you to everyone who shares tips, depths, lures, etc.  It is so helpful.

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads past and present...Screenshot_20200621-224533.thumb.jpg.fef6090abf1f0e1ac9c1042ef7fdbff4.jpg0621201931.thumb.jpg.4dc4767a6e04f4f97e4a90c432cafd91.jpg0621202132b.thumb.jpg.0aaa8adf38edc438029925e42f5208f8.jpg

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