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Went straight out of the bay due north to 400 feet of water start of the south troll with a blank screen. Mark some fish around 350, boated the first king at 335, second at 265. Best screen was 250-350. Had Riggers set at 85 and 105 gypsies out 275 and 240. First king had a green flasher fly on the Dipsy set to 275, 2nd hit green and black mag dream weaver spoon on the rigger down 105. Temp break was 85 with 55 degrees down 100. A fun morning, was windy with a chop early but it laid down nice in time to run in at 10. IMG_3132.JPGIMG_3130.JPG



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Nice fish. I headed about 330 degrees due NW not quite to Braddocks this morning. Fished mainly the 200 to 300 fow range. Had 2 trips of the riggers and boated one steelie. All FF hits, blue/blue and green flash/purple haze fly. Kinda wish I kept going to the 400 mark.

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I was out there in Black N Tan Crestliner. 

First time launching Port of Rochester and fishing west twd Braddock Bay. 


Tough start but pulled a few fish to save it at the end. Went 2/2 kings w 2 teeners and 3/3 steel, one came as a king/steelie double to more or less end the day at 230pm. Kings came on Sea Sick Wobbler 150 back #2 on dipsey and 1 on a rigger 33 down, NBK I think. Steelie put on a good show waiting to net wife’s king!


No real pattern or magic depth. Started 85 and made it as far as 300. Moved further west and setup at 180 for last couple hours and picked that fish right after setting up. That fish gave me some hope! 


Turned back on it n pulled a small steelie on the way back up current. Strong W to E current (no Fishhawk but guessin .3-.4) Then nothing til almost 2 hours later ready to pack it in and got that king/steelie double in about 112fow at 230pm. 


Got hot! The wind died, the flies showed up, then the fleas decided to show up pretty heavy too. Time for some wire. 


I dont know the landmarks but I have some numbers from where we caught fish. Pm if you want em. 


Good luck if you go. 


PS Thx to the members here that gave me advice on where to launch and a starting point!






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