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4 dipsey divers. Best way to set them question.

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I'm currently running two long lines (copper/lead) off church boards. 2 riggers and 2 dipseys. I am setup to run two more (four total) dipseys.


My question is...In what order to I deploy the dipseys. From the outside in? Inside out?


Just trying to minimize an unnecessary mess if possible. Thanks for any help.




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can let them out in any order, We set ours on a # 1 for the deeper diver and the # 3 setting for higher divers.Always  put your deeper divers to the back of the boat and higher divers in front.When deploying them give yourself enough room with traffic that you can creep them out slowly with lines straight back without having to turn the boat . Let them out slow enough that the divers continue pulling out  while dropping them. The # 1 and 3 setting gives you a good spread between them. 

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It's easier to let the outside lines out first ... on setting 3 preferably, with longer rods (10 ft) ... after that inside rods on setting 1 with 8 ft poles. You also ideally want the inside rods to be deeper ... both in terms of dive slope (hence setting 1 on dipsey) and overall depth. 


The reasons are:

(1) when you let a dipsey out, there's no "bite" in the water ... no drag, so it stays closer to the center of the boat and dives quicker. If you put the inside lines first, and then deploy the outside line quickly ... it will fall straight down behind the boat deep and then when you put the drag on, it will pull to the side and likely cross into the inside diver line.  There's a way to avoid this ... and many guys do this when they get a hit on an outside line, and want to put that line back out again ... you just have to let it out REALLY slow, to make sure the outside dipsey has bite (drag) in the water, and stays high and out to the side .... it needs to have enough bite in the water to swing OVER and above the inside line.


(2) when the lines are out ... as you know if a dipsey pops it goes towards the center of the boat and up in the water column.  If the outside line was deeper than the inside line, it will almost definitely cross into the inside line.  It is possible to get into these situations even if the inside line is at 1 and outside at 3, if you have little line out on the inside line ... meaning it is targeting shallower water.  Rather the inside line should be getting you into deeper parts of the water (and it is more effective at doing so because dipsey is on setting 1) ... and this way, the outside line will normally pass right over the inside line if it takes a hit.

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