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Had a great group of guys from Ohio this morning. We scanned out to the 27N line with our Hummingbird electronics where we finally set down and deployed rods. Never had a great screen all day. We marked one pod of bait offshore, and it was loaded with marks. Top spoon in the morning was a FishUSA Martel on our 70' Cannon Optimum downrigger. Later in the day it was Rod Father in that same part of the water column. Our two biggest Salmon of the day both came down 150' on our Cannon Optimum downrigger. Familiar Bite Herring was down there hunting for us after the morning bite.


All in all the clients had a handful of nice Salmon and Steelbows to take home. They were also gifted a beautiful Brown Trout that was lost offshore. It was never fast and furious today. We enjoyed a slow pick of fish. Unfortunately, we had a case of the dropsies and short hits.




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