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We came out of a bay and headed due north to 250 feet of water. That stopped us right about straight out of the Genny we are three for three before 0630 we got one on flasherfly one on a spoon and one on the lead core. Green flasherfly, green and black spoon,IMG_3139.thumb.JPG.e8467146d25442b28c9a006b802bddd1.JPG and a purple spoon we’re on the menu so far this morning.



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Was hoping to report out on the lake real time but had poor connection. Lots of kings and steelhead today between the Genny and Braddocks. Kings up to 22lbs and jumbo steelhead.  Went all the way out to 400 FOW, but best king bite was 200-220 fow.  Never really made it much past Braddocks from the East. Fishing 80-90 down on riggers and free sliders took a few steelhead too. Came in to 175 fow at 10 am and trolled East from Braddocks. Steelhead one after another until the last pond when we pulled at 11:30. No mvp lure today although most kings came off various spin docs on dipseys and steelhead on various spoons off riggers down 80 and on free sliders. Carbon 14 in the early morn, NBK, custom blue chartreuse nk 28 probably the best late morn. Was cool to see fish porpoising chasing alewife on surface first thing in the morn. Looked like Sharks with dorsals out of water. Didn’t mark a single bait school all morning and fish marks were scarce as well, but rods were snapping! Hope this helps and good luck out there. 

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