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Another great day on Lake Ontario making memories. Max and his crew from PA enjoyed some line burning King Salmon and high flying Steelhead action.


The bite was a late morning early afternoon bite for us. We found a great area yesterday afternoon and went back there this morning. Those fish might have still been inside eating, but by mid morning that area started to fill in with fish. Team Dreamweaver's Glow Roy Boy, Martel, Midnight Special, and Rod Father worked on our 60-90' Cannon Optimum Downriggers. A-TOM-MIK coppers from 300-500' took fish thought the day. The 300 was pulling a Shelly Snack and fired most of the day. An A-TOM-MIK Pro Am shred behind a Seneca Special and Familiar Bite meat were firing on the 400 and 500 copper.




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