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Lamoka Lake Shore Fishing Advice?

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Hi all - 


We usually hit one of the main Finger Lakes up during the summer, but we opted to do one we haven't done before and are visiting Lamoka Lake next week.


Any advice on what tackle/techniques to use from shore? We won't have access to a boat. We will be staying on the west side, just north of Pitcher's Point.


We are happy to target anything. Just wanna catch some fish.

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Sorry if this is too late for you, but based on the DEC's webpage, it sounds like there's a lot of vegetation in the water there, so I'd probably recommend bass fishing with soft baits on a Texas rig for minimal frustration.       If you've got kids you want to entertain, you might also be able to find a spot where a dropshot or bobber with worms will bring home some panfish.

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