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No Gps functions on my graph - Humminbird 998

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The navigation bar does not even appear on my menu.


I went through trouble shooting with Humminbird, they said it is either the unit or the antennae. I am relatively certain is the unit, as before the graph capabilities disappeared, I lost side imaging. The next day side imaging re-appeared and navigation disappeared. The 2 are not related, so Humminbird is pretty sure it is the unit as well.


Before I replace, I would like to know for sure. They said only way to do this would be to plug it into another system that has a working antennae.


Anyone have any other suggestions? I did disconnect the unit and reconnected the unit to make sure the connections weren't loose, restored the unit to its original settings and made sure the updates to the software are current. I also called the dealership where I bought the boat to see if they had anything there that I could use to test my unit. They did not. I really don't want to replace this unit.



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