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Parker 2120 SC - anyone own one


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Good evening.  Does anyone own a Parker 2120 SC in western NY, central NY, finger lakes area?  Would it be possible to see the layout firsthand?  Thank you for your consideration.

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Thanks for the response.  Greatly appreciated. Perhaps you have given me a good reason to come up to your beautiful neck of the woods.  Currently just a little too far based on my schedule the next few weeks.


Here are A few questions If you have a moment:

Are you very happy with boat?

Is there anything you found as a surprise both positive?
or negative?

How many People comfortable fish with?

How many People comfortable cruise with?

My biggest Initial concern is whether to it will be a problem trolling and running back and forth from pilot house to deck.  Do you have secondary helm?  Remote steer?  Or autopilot?


Thanks again.

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I just saw your private message.  Thanks for the kind gesture.  I did reply to your message.  Thanks.

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We regularly fish 4 occasionally 5 seating in cabin is set up for 3 comfortably about in and out of cabin yes there is a nice step down into cabin I currently have a Lowrance HDS 9 with Lowrance Auto Pilot on it I do plan on purchasing a HDS 7 to link to mount above door to be able to make adjustments to auto pilot without stepping down in cabin Chk your pms

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