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1st make sure your kicker motor is trimmed out a little so that the prop is pushing straight back.  If the motor is trimmed all the way in your thrust will be slightly downward and the motor will have less control.

Then adjust your sea state filter downward, I usually have mine set at 1 or 2 because I think it actually helps to let the boat wander around a little when trolling


Code 1 Sea State Filter.
If the Autopilot seems to be too active in rough water (the kicker motor is overactive) but works 
perfect in calm water, adjusting the Sea State Filter may help. Factory default sets this code at 
the top of its range (4) which is most active (least active is 1) . Most of the time you will want 
to run with this parameter at the the top of its range. To decrease the autopilots sensitivity in 
rough water 1) Press and release [SETUP}on the handheld, the setup LED will be lit. 2) Press the 
[IDLE/RES] button and light up the number 1 LED .
3) Press the down arrow button to decrease the autopilots sensitivity. Note: When the autopilot is 
off, the autopilot will return to its factory default setting unless the setting is saved See page 
28, Step 5.

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