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Cayuga Jigging Cayuga from the kayak

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Last few times out I've had issues with the action cam - finally got some good footage this AM.


Launched from Sheldrake @ 6:30 AM   Wind out of the S-SE, so I headed north of the point to stay in smoother water.   30-50 FOW was where I was finding marks & bait.   


Had a bunch of followers -  a lot seemed to come into the sonar view when the jig was at 15 ft. then follow all the way up to the surface where I could see them break off the chase.  


Ended up landing 2 - first one was 25" and the second 28".  Both released.  


Off the water by 9:30.


Video 1



Video 2



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6/6/21 - When out of Sheldrake @ 6:30 AM   Wind out of the S-SW, lake was a bit rougher then I expected, so  stayed north of the point.     Last week I when I was out, the East winds had moved warmer water and bait over to the west side, so I was hoping to find 'em there again.


Was planning on trolling, but ended up jigging for a few hours.    Last week they were in less then 30 FOW, this AM, I was finding marks in 45.  Ended up landing 2 - first one was 30.5" and the second 22".  Both released. - 2nd appeared to be fin clipped. 


1st one was classic "hit on the drop"  - was watching the fishing rise up to the jig on sonar, and suddenly line went slack when he hit it.  


2nd one tested my netting abilities - I flubbed a few times before landing it. 


Off the water by 10:30 - once the wind died down the sun was brutal in the yak.


2 videos uploaded to youtube...





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 Did you find that   they stopped hitting and persueing the jigs as the sun got higher?... It might be just me, but  after about 7 am, I can't buy a hit on the jig these days, but between first light  until 6 am or so, they are very active.. Years ago, I would catch them at any hour, even mid day.. Not any more.. Might be something I am doing wrong.. For me, as soon as the sun is over the treetops, and lighting up the water column, the bite stops dead.. I try moving deeper, but it doesn;t help... I did notice the trollers were out   mid lake over 250 FOW,, maybe  the fish  move mid lake -suspended and deep, instead of just deeper water and on the bottom.. bob

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@bulletbob - Shallow bite does slow down as the sun gets higher - I've moved deeper (90-150 FOW) and stayed busy into the afternoon.   I have noticed that when jigging in deeper water, a lot of times there's nothing showing on the bottom, but once I start reeling up, they'll show up on sonar 10-30 feet off the bottom and start chasing.

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