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On the water just before 6 AM on the Admiral Byrd boat.  Started in about 140 ft water trolled to 270 and back in 3 kings- one on downrigger set at 100 ft with Dreamweaver 42 on it 17 lb king, another smaller one about 6 lbs on (?) spoon and downrigger around 100 ft. and another king in about 260 ft of water on wire and flasher fly Wonderbread Spinny with homemade Googly eye fly out 275 and 2 or 3 setting. Two other hit and runs with nobody home, All fish came on starboard side of boat despite similar setups on port side. Most turns in direction were from starboard to port suggesting that the fish may have wanted things run at the higher outside speed.We were running from about 2..4-3.0.Fleas were pretty bad and even were on downrigger wire.. Ran a 300 copper with magnum spoons the entire time without any action on it both from board and down the chute. Oh lest I forget. Bob caught all three fish and had the two hits.....He was driving  and quickly jumped to secure the starboard side of the boat right at the start....something fishy about that....literally:lol:




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1 hour ago, Frogger said:

 you sure he didn’t just put scent on the port lures lol.......

He took a whizz right before we started (on my side of the boat) and he may have used it to mess up my lures....with Bob anything is possible:lol:
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Here is a better pic of the type of fly (the other was a combo green and white by the way).


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Mike, I had to put one of his flies on to keep him complacent knowing he wouldn't get a hit on his whacky baits. Les neglected to mention his netting style on the larger salmon; you might refer to it as a chop or hatchet swing which sent the king sounding with my line a "c" hair away from the kicker prop then out around my rigger cable with a 6' cheater dragging behind - how all that ended up working out I'll never know!  It really is bizarre how the fishing is so different every time you go out - I expected steelie hits in the mid depths but never a touch on our cheaters or the copper. We marked very little bait & very few fish all day other than lakers near the bottom.

Bustersit: my wife got me the shirt and I do appreciate it.

I'm hoping we can get Hop out there at some point this season - I'm looking forward to some fresh stories on Les's past to enjoy hearing about!

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Bob needed a little excitement anyway and his eyesight isn't all that great as I was under the fish with the net:lol:

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