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report from oswego 7/6

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so my brother and I left the oz at first light Monday am to find the lake in a really good mood it was flat and we were prepared for battle.i  was first up in the ring i got slammed on my wire rod  diver parked at 300 feet on the counter after some good runs and great anticipation the fish was 20 feet from the stern when suddenly my dreams were dashed and the fish in Houdini fashion went back to his friends oh well I got  the best of him and considered it a long line release we finished the am with 2 break offs 1 at the wire mono knot and 1 at the fly check them leaders 4 kings and a 30 inch stealhead all in all not too bad considering the moon phase temps were 90 over 200 46degrees .I wouldn't feel right if I didn't mention the real nemesis THE FLEAS thank god we brought a couple mono setups or it would have been a disaster of magnum proportion so that leads me to this question other than the obvious how does a full line of fleas affect the presentation does it ride higher in the column do the fish avoid the 1/4 inch rope being pulled through the water and spook them do the fleas get in their gills  any thoughts? The takeaway leave the braid home and be prepared to do battle with the fleas. Oh ps if anyone catches a salmon with a fly twinkie rig and flasher we'd like it back lol

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