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Guidance needed. Deleting oil INJECTION.


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The reservoir on my 135hp Mercury V6 cracked and I've decided to delete the oil injection. I've removed the electrical connections and bypassed the fuel line directly to the fuel pump. No issues there.

I've seen videos where people are taking out a worm drive from the oil pump and not sure if this is necessary or do I just remove the supply hoses and let her keep pumping dry?


Also there was one line supplying air pressure form the motor to the large oil reservoir in order I guess to push frwsh oil up to the small tank of the motor. Once I remove this hose from the large oil reservoir I imagine that air will continue to push through that hose. Can I / should I stop this air somehow or did the removal of the electrical connections delete this operation already? Otherwise should I just cut the line and Lett the air keep pushing through?


Thanks in advance.. Hoping to get this done and be back on the water soon. Mechanics are hard to get a hold of right now and I think this is an easy DIY with a bit of know how.


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Found my answers. First you need to use a gas cap to seal off the air pressure coming from the crank case to the reservoir. Second you are supposed to remove the oil pump completely and replace with part 43534 plus o ring. I can post additional details if anyone is interested.

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