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Headed west again from Russell Station this morning, picked up this nice steelhead 5 minutes in on a wonder bread spoon from the rigger down 60 in 140 FOW.  Ten minutes later got this decent king on a wire dipsey down 75 ft (silver & blue spin doctor and a black fly)  then quiet for a while, but ended up with another king on a black and green glow spoon and another steelhead on a green flasher fly...So 4 for 5 and off the water by noon...fleas not quite  mature yet so still coming off the lines pretty easy.


Also was 1st shakedown run of my new to me 6HP Tohatsu 4 stroke kicker...Everybody says the vibration would be bad because it only has 1 cylinder, but when its separated from the boat by a kicker motor bracket, CMC power tilt and some EPDM rubber pieces, you cant even tell its there...

steelhead 071120.jpg

king 071120.jpg

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