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Cayuga Deans & Dipsey

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Hit Deans for sunrise but clouds to the East spoiled the show.  Slow pick of good sized lake trout this morning mostly hitting green flasher/fly on the dypsey diver.  A couple took spoons off the rigger.  Couldn't get a sniff off leadcore today.  Ran out in the middle for a spell to see if anything setting up but pretty barren out there.  Really didnt see bait pods at any depth today compared to the past few weeks.  Thinking it's about time for the thermocline to start dictating the action somewhat.  Was quitting time and while pulling in the big boards the rigger fires with a nice lake trout and when it was 20 feet behind the boat the dypsey sings with the only silver of the morning but what a beauty.  The picture really doesn't do it justice as no backdrop.  I really need to teach the dog to take pics for me.  0712200956.thumb.jpg.30cb44781187790f5e7562ccd7016bc4.jpgShoutout to GoneFitchin as I had a white shirt on today so fish id was a little easier for me.  :smile:  Didn't get bothered much by the fleas as made a point of checking lines frequently.  Weeds were practically nonexistent compared to last weekend and not much boat traffic either.  A great morning to be out on the water

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