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Where to fish?

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Depends on time of year and water temps among other variables.  Saw a big name Charter boat out of Olcott fishing west of Wilson Saturday.  In April, May and early June I see boats that are out of Oak Orchard docked in Wilson. 1st stop for them is usually the Bar. IMHO anywhere from the Bar to Olcott and from 15 ft to 550 ft can be productive during the whole season. During the fall run Olcott has a ton of boats patrolling out front that are going after the staging Kings. Don't see that out of Wilson. Sometimes it's just a personal preference where you have caught them.before ,so you stay in your comfort zone and return to that area.


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Cold nights in August bring cold stream water into Lake Ontario. That is where the kings congregate off shore in the cold water. The Niagara River has warm Lake Erie water flowing till November.

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