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Owasco lake sure doesn’t want to give up any of those silver bullets to me that’s for sure.


I have spent a lot of time trolling Owasco over the last 5 years or so and do very well with the Lake Trout (I imagine everyone does well with these guys) but have only hooked 2 Rainbows. One dumped at the back of the boat and they other was about 15” long.


My question for the experts though: the last few trips out we have seen incredible activity between 30-50 foot over 90-120 fow. I assume those are Rainbows traveling the thermocline. For some reason, we cannot get them to bite anything. Tried every spoon imaginable. Countless stick baits, varying speeds, directions, winds....you name it. I am just not sure what I am doing wrong. Last Sunday we ran dipseys deep for the Lakers and ran 2 riggers both with fixed cheaters. It must have looked like a Bass Pro Shops aisle down there and we couldn’t get anything to pop a rigger. Lakers were non stop but I just can’t figure out the Rainbows there.


Anyone have any advise on a different approach that might work? The mighty google doesn’t have much information for trolling lake Rainbows. More about stocked ponds and streams than anything.


Thanks All!



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