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Cayuga Best downrigger cable to fight spiny fleas?

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I learned an expensive lesson a couple of years ago. I dropped a Cannon ball off Rudy's in Oz. I have Scotty riggers and the auto shut off pill had weakened the cable after repeatedly passing the end roller. There was no warning.  The next day, I headed out with 2 shiny new Sharky 20# and proceeded to break off the other rigger in the same way. This time I also lost a wireless temp probe (having not learned my lesson thoroughly enough just a day prior.) I now run 250# power pro, It doesn't whine,its easy to retie and you can see any abrasions.

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If the fleas are real bad none of them will totally prevent them from attaching but braid is not thought to be great for repelling them in any case. I'd be sticking with 150 lb or 200 wire if it were me. The 150lb wire will cut through the water a little better (i.e. a little less blowback). The Mason in that lb test is fine.

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