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Took off work early to take my son and his friend fishing. Unfortunately couldn't get a hold of his friend so just my son and I went out of Sandy around 6pm. Really hoping to get my son a big salmon. Set up in 150ft, put two dipseys out with FF- both on 2 settings out 222 and 215. Started to get my rigger out and the dipsey out at 222 took a hit. Got the rod out of the holder, set the drag and gave it to my son. I had coached my son how to pump the rod and reel down when we started fishing- glad I did that. He did a great job letting the salmon run and then bringing him in just as I taught him. Didn't know how great a job he did till we got the fish in the net and the treble hook was not embedded in the fish, just hooked around the gill. Amazing he didn't come off. 24lbs and that's our best salmon. There's always a little pressure when you try to get your kid into a fish. Took the pressure off to get one so early. About 20 minutes later got another on the rigger down 90ft. My son was still tired out from the first so he told me to take it. Not as big as the first one but decent. After that we called it a day- had to be at work early today.



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Thanks, guys.

It's hard getting kids away from the computer these days. I know every generation thinks the way they grew up was the best, but can't help think kids today are missing out. As kids, we came home when it got too dark to see the baseball. Show a kid a bat today and he'll say "what's that?"



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