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Mexico 7/14 and 7/15

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Fished 7/14 out in 250-300 fow. Riggers parked at 105 and 115 FF. Dipsey 300 and 325 FF. Went 5-6 . Last week loaded with fleas . These two days hardly no fleas .

7/15 fished till noon , same area and depths. FF . 6-8 this morning.IMG_3835.JPGIMG_3837.JPGIMG_3838.JPGIMG_3840.JPGIMG_3842.JPGIMG_3843.JPGIMG_3844.JPGIMG_3847.JPGIMG_3848.JPGIMG_3849.JPGIMG_3845.JPG



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Were you the only other boat out there with me on 7/14 in the evening? Wasn't a very pleasant trip with the conditions. We fished 5-8 ended up 0/3 losing all 3 on the way in almost certainly due to the "2ft or less" conditions predicted that were prolly closer to 2-4ft conditions.

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