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43 minutes ago, Sk8man said:

Try letting them down carefully with the clutch without abrupt stops (and not the down switch) and see if the problem goes away. It could be them going down too fast and the start and stopping


To much like work

I want  to put my line  in the release , hit the button and let it go . 

The only reason I have to wait going down is when I use flashers and they surf back to the boAt so I let the weight down about 10 ft till the flasher goes,down , which can take a while . 


I have a reg Proos and a turbo  Proos . I like the slower one better . 

2 hours ago, chinook35 said:

Been using Roemers for years without any problems like the adjustability and the fact you can stack them

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A lot of problems with fast riggers the way I see it . Going both up and down .


My stackers are Reomers also but I take an offshore and attach it to the stainless line hoop . Works great , been doing it for years.   I like how they clamp and how they release when they hit the tip . And they were free. 


Also doesn't look like there is a bead  between the black and the wire twist . Could make it so does not spin freely with pressure pulling up on it n 

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I use Scott's with 15lb sharks and black releases and haven't had problems dropping the riggers (nearly free fall slowed stop). I keep alot of tension on the line as I'm letting it down with my thumb, gets uncomfortable if its a far drop. Perhaps consider the tension on the fishing line.

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