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Sold / Closed 2 CANNON MAG 10A SOLD

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Hi all I have 2 cannon mag 10A downriggers. They are good old one's aluminum bodies (Not Plastic)Plain Jane no computers no circuit boards to go bad.  I did cannon service for ten plus years. Theses I have gone through new bearings, bushings, clutch disks where needed.
Only used by a little old lady on Friday to catch her supper. Complete tune up oil change and grease job LOL.
Two are short booms 2ft. with single rod holders and base block's. $300.00
 SOLD Two are long booms 4ft. With triple rod holders and base block's $350.00 SOLD
I will also include a new 10 lb. Torpedo weight with each one.
SOLD I also have 2 cannon heavy duty gimbal mounts  $50.00 for the pair SOLD


CALL OR TEXT 607 738 9049








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