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First time fishing the late afternoon evening shift - I kind of liked it.


Swega was flat & hot.  About 6 or so boats out around 5 and most were fishing 120' to 300'+.  We looked for cold water and had to drop the probe to 110' or 120' to find 49deg.  We did not mark much, but that may be due to me not having the Helix settings right.  Fished riggers and wire divers, fished deep (400') till 7 without a hit, then it got better. Found fish in a fairly small spot, around 300-320' out in front.  Wire, MagDipsy 3setting, 220-240' out, I'm assuming that was running around 100'. Only thing that worked was 8" DeathWish SpinDr & Bloodydeath Atomic fly, it took a 22 and 16lber and a yearling.  Was running all sorts of glow, green, and black - on spoons, FF, Fmeat...nothing on those.

Tried running a high and low diver for the first time....yeah, I have a quite a bit more to learn. Tangled Tackle youtube videos make it look easy...but I managed to screw it up...multiple times.  Ended up fighting both big fish on 2 rods. It was good laughs with 2 of us standing next to each other fighting the same fish....noobs!  As i turns out, all those posts that talk about using good swivels and checking them aren't kidding.  Ran my Chinook Divers, I like the way they work vs the mag Dipsy.



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Been there plenty! We fish out of a 18.5 foot Lund and with only 2 riggers we always fish a high and low each side. My best advice is never put 2 spinnies side by side. Then I set 1.5 and 3 setting. Not that we never have tangles but we’ve definitely improved over time. We also have to be pretty careful on turns. I see guys out there seem like they pivot when they turn around but no way we can do that.

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