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Meat rigs

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Lots of opinions on this one to be sure but I’ll start it off. We use frozen cut herring. Used to use familiar bite but now use the stuff from Rigged on this site. His stuff flat out catches fish and holds up well. We throw a tray in the cooler and go all day. For rigs we have a bunch. Most are Twinkie rigs and we usually run behin an 11” flasher or paddle. Minion on here makes great rigs. Troubles as well does quality. Both are good guys to work with
Pop a strip in and pin it with a toothpick. Break tooth pick off, drop her in and make sure you have a good roll then send her down and get ready. Meat rigs have really come a long way and really have been killer on big kings. From May to sept we always have one down. Most days are big fish come off meat
Hope this helps

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