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Cayuga Kayak Bass Fishing \ Cayuga

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Thinking some kayak bass fishing is in order this weekend, was pondering the thought of launching at Deans cove, would be my first trip to Cayuga, how is it this time of year? What time should I be in the lake? Any good tips would be appreciated. Thanks all in advance.

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A bunch of bass fishermen launch at Deans.  Some groups start before sunrise when having club tournaments but many launch throughout the morning and in the afternoon.  They go all over the lake but I will say a few always tend to work from Deans North to Goose watch winery docks.  If I was launching a kayak from Deans I would try that section first.  Let us know how you make out

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Not good my friend, I mean the trip was great. the lake is beautiful, but I couldn't ccatch a damn thing other than weeds, it was frustrating, story of my life really, if there are weeds to be found, I will find them, I don't understand, I had what I thought was a weedless setup?, I'm assuming all my jig heads should be the weedless type? below will give you the general idea of what I use for tackle, I mean it's a solid lineup, maybe you can assist? What can I do to fish the weeds beds but not become entangled with the?


Jigs for plastics. 3" or 4" curltail grubs
senkos (wacky-worm / o-ring)
inline spinners
small jerkbaits 
Perfect Finesse Worm Jighead with either a 5 inch kalin or Yamamoto grub on it (3.5 inch one as well)
crayfish imitation (plastic bait with a jig)
zoom finesse worm \ 4.5 inches

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I'm a trout troller so my answer to that is move a little deeper and start jigging for lakers!!

All kidding aside, yesterday was tough as talked to a bass tournament fisherman at Deans in the afternoon.  He said 110 boats in the tourney yesterday so lots of fishing pressure.  As for the weeds, perhaps post on the bass section of this site for tips.

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