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Owasco Owasco Mixed Bag

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Got another couple days with my brother, mid week storms put the low pressure on the silvers at first, but other surprises filled the upper column, pike, bass, and eyes kept the copper and core firing. Then the sun came out Thursday afternoon and the silvers wanted to play, many small ones released and some good ones with one pushing 30 inches. Fleas not bad, weeds were a pain, especially on east side, but fish are in those slicks of calm water holding debris. 2.6-3.0 speed on surface, blue and silver and copper color did best. Riggers stayed quiet until just before dark when fish rose up in the column. Many hours between pods, but once I found em, I gave it my best and rods fired. Stay true if you want silver, just when you think it's not gonna happen........the rod starts screaming.........a lot of jumping the last 2 days.












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