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Oneida in May?

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Wading out and casting rapalas or bucktail jigs at Lewis Point can be very productive the first few weeks of May. I would also try Herders Bridge and Rt 49 upstream on Fish Creek northeast of Oneida Lake. You might also try wading out at Cozy Corners on the south side of the barge where the lighthouse is on the Verona Beach side.

Many of the tributaries of Oneida Lake will still harbor walleyes for at least another month including Chittenango Creek in Bridgeport as well as Cowaselon Creek from Lakeport upstream on the southern end of Oneida Lake.


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Hi, Oneida is my “home lake†and where the boat is docked. Come July I start to pull the boat up to Oswego. Most of my fishing and knowledge of the lake is from the central part of the lake to the east end. Were your questions around where to stay for lodging and marinas or where to fish or both??

Fishing each spring is different and influenced by the timing of the spawn run, water temperature and water depth. Last year they were still shallow and around the tribs for the first week or so. There have been some years where they headed for their structure haunts and still other years where we hammered them on the sand on the east end of the lake.

What kind of fishing are you looking to do; trolling or jigging from a boat or casting from shore??

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