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Headed out Tue - Cayuga or Canandaigua?

Dan M

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Wind is going to be too much for my 16' for Ontario Tuesday with my son, and the water temp is too hot for musky. So - was thinking either Cayuga or Canandaigua. 

I've fished both a few times, I can't remember - the fish are generally bigger in Cayuga aren't they? 

The west wind shouldn't be an issue at either lake?

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The south end would be the only place I would go and it isn't only the launch at the north half of the lake that is busy after about 10 AM that half of the lake is pretty much undoable so as long as you stay south  and deep it should be OK on a Tuesday. Now though everyday in the northern half of the lake can be like a weekend here with people off with the covid crap concerns:smile:

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I launched at the Woodville launch on Friday and it was still crazy.  A large part of the problem is that there are two entrances and it's unclear what pattern you're supposed to take when launching or loading a boat.  There were boats everywhere and of course fully half of the vehicle operators were incapable of backing down the ramp well (no judgement, everybody has to learn, just making an observation).   I was by myself and still in and out of the water much quicker than anyone else there.  Spoke to a young guy launching his boat and he said that the north end was WAY worse.  If true, I NEVER need to launch my boat in Canandaigua ever.



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