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Sandy Creek Shootout 7/24 - 7/25

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Arrived in sandy creek mid morning on the 24th hoping to figure out where the fish were hiding. We were greeted by some large rollers and a north east wind. We managed to work our way out to 200 FOW and drop lines. Fished for a few hours, broke a rod in half, and only pulled one small steelhead out. We figured tomorrow would be a grind as well. We were wrong.


On Saturday we hit the lake just after 5 am,  headed East, and set up in 75 FOW. We set a 40 and 65 foot rigger plus a 140' and 175' dipsy. First hit came on the 40' rigger with a seasick waddler spoon but no one was home. Next the 140' dipsy got smoked but the wire snapped costing us the rig and fish. For the next 5 hours only the 175 dipsy got hit. We ran a 11" chrome two face spin doctor with a 42nd fly. First we pulled in a few lakers then a brown. When we hit 80 - 90 FOW we started to see some big marks on the screen. 175 dipsy goes off and we bring in an 18 pound king. Two minutes after we reset it we get hit again, fish rips off 250 feet of wire and we bring in one just over 26 pounds. After an hour we stop marking fish so we pulled in the lines and ran back to where we started. Again two minutes after we set the 175 dipsy it gets hit, we get a 17 pounder. Reset the dipsy and it took 10 minutes this time but we get a 19 pounder. Hit the dead water and pulled lines again, ran a few miles back and repeated the troll. Caught a few small lakers and another brown on the 175 dipsy. Repeated the troll one last time with some smaller fish being caught then headed into the launch to finish the day. 


Weighed in with a 80.52 pound box for the shootout and finished 8th. Great tournament and run very efficiently, we cant wait for next years event.



fish 2.jpg

fish 1.jpg

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