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Fishhawk x2 vs x4


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17 minutes ago, Scotter96 said:


 So installing a 4 on mine now doesn’t make sense.



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Getting an X4D makes all the sense in the world. If it is the money involved save up for it. You can always transfer it to a bigger boat. Spending the significant amount of cash on the X2 now and then deciding later you want the advantages of the X4D is what makes a lot less sense.

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Agree with Sk8man. I'd get the X4D and transfer it. I have the X2. It works fine. It's great if you want to take it with you regardless of what boat you're on but if I was always trolling out of one boat I'd install the X4D and just make the investment once.


The biggest downside of the X2 for me is the transducer cord. It drags in the water and twists up a bit (I do clip it to my rigger arm to keep it as vertical as possible). Not terrible, but not as convenient as having a transducer mounted. It also gives some inconsistent readings sometimes with the ducer always bouncing around. 

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I own a x2 and it works great, I'm able to move it between both boats, the difference compared to the x4 it lacks depth display , so I look at the rigger instead. I fish on friends boats equipped with x4d and they perform the same. I like the x4 being wire less,. The x2 transducer  placed on the down rigger really only needs to go down a foot, so it's not a big deal. Haven't experienced any inconsistent readings. 

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One caution while using the X2 - if you have Scotty electric riggers, the bead-stop function and the slip-ducer don't play well.  You will need to removed the beads (and therefore, autostop) to make the system work.  Otherwise the rigger will try to suck the slipducer thru the pulley.


I started last season with an X2 on Cannons - didn't find it terribly reliable.  Got Scotty's and switched back to the X4.


Will note, that Fish Hawk customer service is top tier!

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To me it is easier to compare the X2 and X4D When you consider their primary applications.

1. The X2 is for boats without downriggers (ex. big water walleye boats) and applications where the X2 is moved between boats as it doesn’t have a fixed transducer.  It can be adapted to send probe down with a downrigger and still have portability.

2. The X4D is for boats with downriggers and is basically a fixed system with a mounted transducer and mounted readout. 
The X2 is not a lower priced economy system - it is a different system for a different application.  Would probably make sense if it were named P2 for portable.

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