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Started around 6:30AM and landed two 8-10lb kings back to back on a mag Dreamweaver down 80' over 130. Then not another hit for 2 hours. The next rip was on a frog spin doctor and fly, out 200' on a 2 setting, and that ended up being a male just over 24#. We marked alot of fish between 30'-50' but wrote them off as dinks and never fished for them. Called it quits at 11am and headed in.


We headed back out at 4:30pm and trolled from 90'-180' with few marks and no hits before we turned around and hit the locations from the morning. 90% of the fish were still up high, so we figured we'd catch a few small guys to salvage the night. SURPRISE!!! SURPRISE!!! Set a dipsy 100' out on a 2 with a spin doctor and fly, then lowered a rigger with a Dreamweaver Super Slim down to 35', and within 2 minutes we had a double on matures. Over the next 1 1/2 hours, the super slims took consistent mature kings 30'-55' down over 110'-120'. 40' was the best. Spin Doctors and flies took the largest fish, but the super slims put up the numbers.





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