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First trip up this year. We got 5 kings 6 steelhead. Everything was on spoons except 1 steel on a flasher. Both good kings were in 240-260 ft of water. One at 40' and other at 90' down. Did not mark that many fish and fish hawk was not working good.was nice to get a battle after walleye fishing all year. Pulled all fish on boga grip and released. The biggest one died so we circled back and picked it up. Met some cool  helpful fellows at the marina,including Alan of Instigator sportfishing.



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Not to butt in but I just fished our of Walnut yesterday and today for my first Erie trips of the year after fishing Lake Ontario for the last several weeks. Had to work for work for them in yesterdays big chop but we did get a three man limit. Today the lake started of much nicer but ended worse. The fishing was slow for us at the start but the NE wind kicked up around lunch and it got real rough but the fish turned on and it was another good day. If you fish there you may have to grind it out until they turn on. Some guys struggled to catch a fish. Lot of fish from little to large. Our biggest was 28" (1) and the smallest were several in the 7in. range .

How has your Walleye Fishing been?

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