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Heading up to catfish creek for this coming week. How's it going out there lately? Forecast looks not to bad. A good amount of west winds. What kinda depth are you guys starting at? Unfortunately no fish hawk this year for us. So just going by the marks for this year. We typically do decent inside of 200 this time of year, but it sounds like alot of you guys are out deep still.

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3 hours ago, Hachimo said:

Thanks For kicken a guy when hes down Kevin!:puke:

I bought the dipsey setups used 4 years ago.  Never put new wire on them or never had all the wire off the spool. Goin to fat nancys now for to respool.  Or maybe a new coldwater reel

Hey I don’t know what u are running now but if I were you don’t get Okuma cold water the price is good but personally I think there junk from experience not just me either couple other guys I know too the amount u fish I wouldn’t recommend them but some guys like them

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Same problem. Yes, it was nice to meet you. I'm saving your #. I'll call tomorrow when I have service. 1st time I ever went to 200 and back and didn't get wet.

Low Baller great to meet you at the launch. Got temp in 120fow down 95-100 but didn’t fire a rod. Good luck tomorrow!

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