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2 hours ago, Stu said:

I was wondering about Mexico Pt and never even thought of Salmon Country. Such a long troll from Salmon Country to get to the big water. Lighthouse was definitely a no-go on Sunday as was Pinegrove.  The water dropped crazy over the weekend. Might be time to start dusting off the shanty.:(   

I have a place in salmon country. the distance to the lake isn't that big of a deal.  The ramp isn't optimal now though.  Dock is set high from the previously high water, the gravel past the concrete varies so when you pull it you boat isn't always straight. It might be OCD but when my boat is cocked on my trailer it drives me nuts.  Realistically its deep enough and there isnt a drop off but i'd use the state launch, if I go out again thats what im going to do.  

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Was heading out this weekend and taking my son with me was wondering how far out are the salmon like to get him hooked up on one. Thanks for any information.

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I lost one in 40fow, caught one in 50fow and lost one in 50fow. Boats were working 15fow on out. It’s a grind but there’s a few fish around.

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Finally, the weather looked good for the weekend and I decided to go get my boat at Salmon Country.  Fished Friday afternoon, Saturday morning and afternoon and Sunday morning.  0-0.  Had a couple releases and that was it.  I honestly did not see one boat reeling in a fish.  Fished from 14-35 FOW.  Marked lots and saw fish jumping but no biters for me.  Ran just about everything except meat and F/F.  Had some serious electrical issues with my boat which turned out to be an inline 100 amp fuse to my alternator.  Had to buy a whole new wire with fuse ($80) built in but replaced it at the marina in under 10 minutes after heading up to Brewertown for the part and everything worked good after. Gotta love google for this kind of help.  Weather was absolutely amazing with flat calm seas until Sunday afternoon.  Not very often I can go 40MPH although way out.   


Until next year.     

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