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Sold / Closed FISH HAWK X4 + depth

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On 7/31/2020 at 6:43 PM, HB2 said:

And what difference does it make if your rigger counter reads 80 and the real depth is 72 . 


If you get hit when you rigger says 80  then you can adjust everything to that . 


The depth is relative


More info than you need IMO . But somebody of  you guys have to have the latest and greatest  I guess 


Having the actual rigger depth helps dial in the rest of your spread.  Somedays details make all the difference.  More info is great as long as you are smart enough to use it correctly.  

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12 minutes ago, HB2 said:

I believe to many guys get bogged down in the details of this and fishing in general . 


When I concentrated on fishing instead of everything else , I started doing way better  in all types of fishing . 

HB2 has a point. A lot of new folks to this scene are very influenced by all the newest "gizmos" and are very reliant on them. These things are merely tools in the arsenal and none of them are a true necessity; these tools do help increase "probabilities" connected with catching fish but the techniques associated with the right equipment (i.e. setups) and learning to use them effectively are much more important. A couple Saturdays ago we were out without any temp device and relied on our experience and previous knowledge to figure things out by making some "educated guesstimates" based on it and were very successful, and not all of it was attributed to "luck":smile:.

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