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Lake Ontario United app Problem

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Got a question and wondering if anyone else is having a problem with the app.  
     Everytime I open lake ontario united in my web browser, it opens in the app and flips trou a bunch of pages then after waiting 2-3 min it says “open in safari” or “cancel”. Which I open in safari and go on with my bussiness.  If I close it out I have to go trou all that again. 

So I would like to delete the app, but if I do will that delete my Name and Profile.  

   This is probaly a question for a site moderator,  but I dont want to risk loosin my Name on here and have to make a new one. 



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I am an android guy, cant speak to the issue you are having but have deleted the app before on past phones with no issues, account remains.  To be clear your account is contained on a server somewhere, removing the app from your phone will not delete your account. Long as you know your username then worst case you will have to reset your password

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