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Owasco Owasco 7-31 to 8-2


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Had the chance to get my oldest son and a friend out for a day chasing silvers. Day started off slow, temps were down but kept making adjustments and found the spot. Rods started to fire, especially the copper. A lot of shorts mixed in but constant action none the less. Big fish started to fire late afternoon and an east west troll made the lure speed irresistible. Same speeds near 3.0......colors were blue and greens, all spoons, small and larger. Next couple days had a friend come up,  took him out for a quick trip before he launched his boat, copper fired on a nice eye. A good bow and brown completed the trip. We launched his boat and worked together the next few days to figure things out. Great silvers came to the net before the front Sunday and the wind made it challenging for my pontoon to fish with control, might have to bring the lund back out.......I figured with our success our catch per unit effort was around one fish per hour......but with the quality we took, it was worth it.......saw a few boats running boards out there this weekend,  hope all did well.












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That last fish hit this morning for the short outing I went on........running the pontoon in the wind is no fun........and as I turned to go into the wind, wouldn’t you know the rigger fires and the fish just starts screaming.......couldn’t do nothing but hold the wheel as the rigger was in between 2 coppers not on boards........was a circus for a bit, all I could do was hold on.......I knew if she stayed on the surface too long she would be done, all I could do to get her to the net and stay out of the copper while controlling the boat. Once I got her in and saw her, I made up my mind I was done for the day........even picking up rods was a challenge........but even my Lund would’ve been a challenge in the wind today. She was a beautiful fish.

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Ryanrobb52, I understand keeping the kids busy, my oldest is 20 and he gets impatient still when we troll, ...that’s one of the reasons I set my pontoon up.....at least it’s comfortable and he can lay down with room if he is board.........but when that rod screams, he’s still up and add it like he was 6. I used to get silvers on a smaller dipsey on wire usually 90-120 ft out on a #3 setting. Turning is difficult with a full spread out including dipseys. Also, going almost 3 mph, you really got tighten the dipsey release. Speed and random turns are key to trigger those silvers.......those 12 inches have big ones with them.......if I start catching shorts, at least I know I’m in the zone.........I then start doing sharp turns, circles, or east west runs, my gps trails look like a scribble, but that is what’s gets it done. Both my boys know when we go out, we’re dedicated to silver fish only........good thing I got a deck of uno cards on board to pass the slow time. Keep at it, a few tweeks and you’ll fire on a good one.

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Great job once again. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to my late August / early September trip. I know I can't come close to what you are doing but my goal is to get one walleye and one rainbow in my week with my 2 dipsys!

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