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Best Salmon Spread

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I am headed to Ontario with a friend. I have two riggers, four wire diver rods and two 300 coppers.

Im thinking I'll run two riggers. One low with fish hawk and one mid level. Two wire divers and two 300 coppers behind Offshore magnum boards.


My question is if you only run one wire dipsy per side what setting is best? 1, 2 or 3.



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they are farthur to the side than it looks on the surface.  the line gets a bit of a belly to it as you run more out.  

that said if your only running one per side use a 2.5 or a 3 setting no reason not to get as much space as possible


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7 hours ago, Logger Gen II said:

It also goes deeper on 3 there is a chart that they make for the setting and depth depending on size of diver your using 

Wait, I thought that a 1 setting was the deepest because it will not plane out to the side as much

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