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Genny Walleyes


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Had a good evening tonight 5-9 on the Genny.  Drove up to Seth Green Island and landed 15 or so Walleye.  Night Crawlers on a small hook above a weight landed half for me.  Also casted a bright orange lipless crankbait for the other half.  Neighbor did well with deep diving crankbaits for the Walleyes.  He also landed 4-5 smaller catfish on a float rig above a crawler.   Anywhere upstream of Seth Green on the East side was really good.  All released.  There is a dude camping on Seth Green.  Possibly homeless guy.  But a fisherman so he's good with me.  Alleged that he caught huge eyes in the morning on shrimp.  I call BS.  If you are a good Walleye angler unlike me, maybe you could do better.  Good luck.  Will try to post pics later.   


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I actually tried one many years ago from that exact spot. One bite, spit it out, tossed it and the one in the freezer. Tasted like the river smells- like chemicals. We did have a blast. Caught many.

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