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Fall fishing on the fingers. Fish spawning?


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Hi all. With mornings feeling more like fall it has me thinking. I have a fish biology question I guess. So, the kings spawn in the fall on the big lake. What happens on the fingerlakes? And how does that affect fishing? I usually fish right up to when it freezes in the fall but never put much thought into what the fish are doing that time of year. Are they spawning in September? I know it's sort of a dumb question but as we roll through August and through to december, what are the fish doing as the water and air get colder? Thanks in advance

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Fall on Cayuga the larger spawning Lake trout start to migrate South from the middle of the lake.  You can still catch lakers North of Sheldrake but the majority are in the 2-4 pound range, great to eat or smoke.  In Fall, the fish that are spawning will be hit or miss depending on pre or post spawn.  You can be the bear and catch some horses and the next day get bit by the bear.  Many of us shut down significantly in October/November as the tricky fishing and OBTW, Bow/Gun seasons for some turf to add to our surf.

Ive heard of rainbow runs around some tributaries in the Fall but never specifically chased them so hopefully others will chime in.   December post spawn fish will be actively feeding but with water temps down could be anywhere in the lake.  Tough to find but where congregated you can do well.   Depending on weather and water temps, significant numbers of silvers will be in shallow from early Winter until Spring.  But, it seems every year is a little different.  If weather allows, put on your pfd and give it a go any month from October through March

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