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Owasco Owasco weekend


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Another great weekend of fishing. Still some down time but the flurry of multiple bites makes for quite the fire drill. See some folks like Stillwater getting it done with a nice rainbow this weekend. As always found some good temp down 50 to 70 and played with the copper, core and riggers to get it right above the Cline. Speeds went up this weekend near 3mph to trigger but had some great violence in the hits, a lot of which came unglued. Colors were blue and copper this weekend. Copper rods still remain the champ, riggers in second and the core was quiet this weekend. I'm sure due to the depth they were at, even smallys and eyes down deep. Great weekend, catch per unit effort on silvers still around a fish per hour, but the acrobatics are worth the wait. Did have a rigger trigger on a beast of a laker......thought I was wrapped in the copper only to get suprised by a 30 incher!











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Nice work bud!  Great pics!!  Ive pulled few more big  fish on those 40 foot rapala taildancers and have a bunch if you wanna try a couple.  If you wanna join me Wednesday evening let me know.  Won't be long and our fall bites we be starting at the usual spots.  I checked my spot the other night and actually caught 1 on the f18 already!!!!  Casting for my birthday on skaneatles next month and my mate is on em there!

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