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Cayuga Tripleheader weekend

Reel Doc

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Beautiful weather so on the water Saturday and Sunday morning running solo then Sunday evening with my son and some old high school buddies.

The pattern mid-lake seems to be changing a bit from the past few weeks so new challenges to search and entice some fish.  Saturday had heavy boat traffic on the West side which really built up closer to Sheldrake.  Slow picking primarily with spoons on the riggers.  Picked up Lakers and a teen sized rainbow.  Lost the fish of the day in a landlocked that was at the back of the boat until the net minder, (me), rather than net the fish, managed to knock the spoon out of his mouth with the edge of the net.  

This morning greeted with a beautiful sunrise and very little boat traffic.  Cruised North out of Deans and dipsey action came early highlighted by the fish pictured as it fought like very few lakiers do.   From hit to the net and all 200 feet in between this fish was a tiger.  Expected to see a Landlocked or Brown when it finally came up behind the boat.  Opposite of Saturday as 90% dipsey bite.

This afternoon after swimming and wake boarding the boys wanted to fish for an hour. They went 1 for 2 and like the am,  dipsey hits.  Unfortunately the one who lost the fish was the only one of 6 teens who dropped a fish a few weeks back when the whole crew did a quick evening troll and managed to boat a nice mix of Lakers, landlocks and a rainbow .  Nice to know the next generation knows how to give each other some lighthearted abuse for failures.  All great stuff and a great weekend.





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9 hours ago, lyk2fish said:

Great job, working for those kids is always rewarding, memories they make they will never forget.

Definitely.  When I had 6 teens and the dog on board a few weeks ago it was a blast.  My son stayed up in the bow while the other 5 learned how to troll for the first time.  They took it seriously, set the riggers and dipseys, and when the fish cooperated all but 1 managed to boat a fish.  Most struggled with grip on the rods as their previous experience amounted to panfishing with push button reels!   Wish I had a video when a dipsey rod fired, and one kid grabbed the reel and 2 others were hoisting up the rod for the entire reel in.  It was comical to say the least, but they managed to get the fish in the net!

Had to get a pic of the fella with the laker as last night it was his first lake trout catch!!

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