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Keuka Poll: Launch from Branchport or Hammondsport?

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First of all I want to thank you guys for your past help! It's always appreciated!  Now I want to ask for your opinions for my trip to Keuka this Saturday. I'm an 1hr 10 min Drive to the State Park  (Branchport) and a 1 hr 20 min drive to Hammondsport. I'll be launching a small boat with limited range. I'd like to troll/jig for Lakers and Salmon and maybe trout early (6-9ish) and then warm water game fish for a bit after the bite dies down. I've only fished Keuka once on a friends boat and we launched out of Branchport. We were perch fishing in the fall so very different trip. Which would you launch from if you had to make the choice given my range is probably limited to 3-4 miles with my small boat with good conditions.

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Launched this morning from the state park at 6:25. Stayed on the East side in 90-120 feet of water. Lots of marks 50 to 75 feet. Couldn’t buy a bite though. Ran a rigger and a diver and a lead line. Tried spoons and flies and even a x rap. Changed speed and still nothing. Cut across and fished back north up the west side. Marked less fish but had one hit on the diver running 55 ish in 70 feet on a green and silver flutter spoon but didn’t hook up. Then the lake got too rough for my little boat and my boys started getting wetter than they wanted to. Ah well. Still nice to get out on the water.

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