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Wheres the fish mexico weekend 8/14 !?

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Planning trip tomorrow wondering how deep the biter kings are hiding mexico/oswego/salmon river areas
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Unfortunately this seems to be a question with no great answer. Im going to fish usual areas for this time of year and hope for the best. Im not really interested in running to extreme deep water

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This is a shot in the dark, but if I were to go fish out of Mexico today, I would go to the northern dunes and west from there. The bottom at 140 feet is sandy and it gently slopes down toward the west. With the north eastern winds pushing the warm water on the surface westward there will be a current bringing colder water that will push the thermocline up a bit and the water of the salmon river in the warmer layer will mix with this colder current. The salmon that is starting to stage will be transported  eastward by this colder water current and they will feed on the edge of these colliding temperature areas. So look for green water on top and a thermocline that is moving higher. Good luck

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