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Cannon mag 10 STX


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So outfitting my buddies boat the other day noticed after installing the booms the don’t fit snug. Also the rigger in the base mount had some slop. Anybody else think this is excessive?


Video of the situation above. 

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I have the Cannon 10's also.  I blew my top in a rant the other day because of how poorly 

some of this stuff is made.  (I'll keep my cool for now).  I am using the low profile swivel mounts,

which are insanely expensive for what they are, and after docking my boat saw that the rigger

was out of position.  That makes the second time I've had the lock pin shear off.  

   That being said, I've taken the thing apart and replaced the pin before (super cheap, fix yourself) and 

found that there is still going to be some slop in the swivel.  That slop is what allows the force to 

shear the pin.  I now drive at speed with the booms fully retracted no matter how short a distance.

Maybe you're supposed to do that anyway... oops.  

   As for the boom itself being sloppy, I haven't had that issue.  I would unscrew it and check to see 

if there is anything preventing it from fully compressing the pipe.  Otherwise, chalk it up to manufacturing.

Worst case, wrap it.  It only needs to fit once.

  I am waiting a week now for another pin, so sorry if I still sound a little bitter.  :itwasntme:

With the slop, it seems to be common with these riggers.

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Thanks guys. I don't remember any of mine ever being that sloppy. In fact I gave my buddy one of my older ones that needs a new board and we checked that and it's tight.

I think it goes to show you what we can expect down the road as far as quality. Fit and finish has gone by the wayside in manufacturing. It's all about saving a buck or two now. Of course our price will remain tha same. LOL


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Something I learned this weekend it so check OFTEN the screw that holds the rigger to the base (with the black nob).Found out last week our was unscrewed halfway.  Time for loctite.

Yes, loctite should be recommended in the manual. I almost lost my optimum... was barely holding on by a few threads. IMG_1161D.JPG

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