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Sorry this is a day over due but hope it helps someone.

Left the harbor at 715am and headed out to 400’ lines in and continued to 550’. With a slight lean to the East we trolled north to south from 350-550 and went 16/22. Monkey puke, carbon 14, black and raspberry, and blue dolphin took most. Only one hit on a FF and nothing on spin doctor. 200&300 copper dipsey on 1 out 175 and 200 and riggers down 65-90 all had activity with the above spoons. Nice mix of matures, juvies and steelies.


brought home 8 kings and 3 steelies for the table.

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Late here too-
Worked 480’in pockets of water for 3 kings and 2 steelhead. FF nite for me on dipseys. Fleas and bugs and heat.
Ran inside to 78’ if water and took 2 more matures and a few skippies. Spoon bite- mag black: pearl warrior.. biggest king was 22.
I’m out now and working that inside water again- one mature on Dipseys FF. Screamer on now - same deal

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