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Owasco Owasco weekend, usual suspects


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Hit the lake late friday afternoon and the bite was on, couldn't get the third rod set on 3 different passes. I ran 2 copper, 1 rigger and after a quick TD drop, I set just above the temp at 60. Copper was on fire for 2 hours, then the wind out of the north shut it down. Sat morning was good, temp came up from the wind and bait was all over, most I've seen this year minus large amounts of hooks below and in. Wasnt gonna leave a fish area from friday and after a few adjustments fired a copper on a nice eye, lost a second in the back of the boat......they come right to the surface and you drag em on top, I should slowed it down but a last minute flip threw the hook. Rest of the day was made of bows, smaller browns and lakers. Lost a real screamin bow at dark......wrapped the copper, what's new.....they're smart and know were to go. Sunday was one nice brown, and small bows. Lakers came up in the column, and the hit started to fizzle. Thought the front would fire things up, but I washed lures. Great weekend, fleas not around, speeds 2.6+, and blue/silver hammers kept the rods firing. Should be a great fall.







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Yes I was, been fishing off that lately...also run a green Lund and will be on that again next week. That paint job on your boat is awesome. Came back and told my wife that I saw a boat with a naval camo pattern on it and it looked bad a$$. If I didn’t see you against the trees, I would’ve had a hard time seeing you......that really blends with the water. I ventured back south and got on a better quality bite, where I saw you I was getting pestered by small bows and lakers. Don’t mind those bites but they don’t release well this time of year. How long is that boat?....looks big, definitely a fishing machine!

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The boat is a 25' duckwater boat with twin 150s. I had it built to guide duck hunts. Makes a really nice fishing rig in the off season. Just starting to get it setup.

My camp is just north of where we were. Sadly haven't done a ton of fishing the last ten years. We found bigger fish to the south east. Still haven't hooked an eye but it will happen.
Cayuga was pretty good Sunday also 8lb bow and a 10lb laker were the big guys of the day.

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